Today I'm stepping out of my comfort zone and committing to doing lightning talks at Tulsa Web Devs. After last nights meeting, while others were doing so, I realized that I should also be sharing the things that interest me. Maybe someone else will find something I have to say interesting.

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As previously mentioned, Netlify has done a really nice job of putting together a product which exemplifies a solid, modern approach to web development. The architecture is commonly referred to as "JAMstack", and while I initially cringed at the name, I've come to embrace the moniker.

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Git Config


Here's a handy trick for using your preferred email address based on the directory context you're working in. This helps prevent accidentally committing to a Git repository with the wrong email address. Now work, personal, and freelance code commits always have the appropriate commit address.

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Clean Machine


Recently, I acquired a new laptop for work and took the opportunity to start with a clean install. No TimeMachine, nor transfer of home directory. Just starting over with everything I now know, with a goal of keeping a manual log of everything installed or configured. Two reasons include: it'll be interesting to know, and, it will encourage slowing down and thinking through the actual need or the process of installing something.

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Yet Another Attempt


So this is yet another attempt at maintaining a personal website. I've lost count of the number of times I've been here. Plone, Drupal, Laravel, and more, have all had their turn. Today, it is Gutenberg.

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